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Book Review Roulette : Lichgates (Book 1 of the Grimoire trilogy)

Lichgate_coverart_med Lichgates (Book 1 of the Grimoire trilogy) 

by S.M. Boyce

Note: I am reviewing my own Kindle copy that I bought.

Lichgates is a YA Fantasy novel that breathlessly and easily folds the reader into the world of Ourea and its dark secrets. Human Kara Magari has unwittingly become the Vagabond after becoming trapped in a sunken library and opening a mysterious red book called the Grimoire.  It’s pages reveal only what is needed and when, and now Kara must continue the previous Vagabond’s  journeys to reunite the splintered kingdoms within Ourea.  Unfortunately, her first step into Ourea lands her in hot water and she is captured by the most feared kingdom alongside a mysterious man, Braeden.  Braeden’s secrets are even darker than most in Ourea, but his strength of honor and his drive for freedom from his secrets make for an amazing partnership with Kara.  Help is found in unexpected places, as is danger and deceit.  Love and lies go hand in hand.


I won’t go into more details…this has to be read to give it full justice!  This is the kind of fantasy, mixed with contemporary, that gives our imaginations freedom while grounding us.  It makes it believable on every level.



Positive:  The depth of the characters, all of them, not just the main characters…is astonishing and does not slog down the story but helps it move forward and bring Ourea to life.  I began to care about the characters right away, and was driven to finish the book in one sitting.  The narrative is thoughtful and deep, and like the characters, does not bog down the plot at all, but is tastefully woven in with the action.


Negative:  Um, it ended?  (I had to buy the sequel and read that in one sitting too)




Rating: 5 stars of 5



Okay, I’m trying out WordPress for the first time so bear with me!  My website’s blog system is fairly lame so I’m going to try to blog at least once a week here.  My goals for this blog are simple and straight forward; book reviews, cover love, updates on my publishing journey, and the occasional random thing that pops into my head. 


Goal #1 is one I am embarrassed to admit has been hard for me to do, considering time restraints.  I have over 1000 books on my Kindle…and have only done a dozen reviews!  I am ashamed, and a baaaad author. My goal is to review 2 books a month from the selection already on my Kindle, and post the reviews here, on Amazon, and on Goodreads.


Goal #2 is something I just need to do.  I am a huge fan of well done, unique book covers.  I have been known to just stare at book covers in bookstores and more than once my husband has rolled his eyes at me and dragged me away.  My goal for this is to highlight a favorite cover 2 times a month, alternating with the reviews.  The book covers posted with the reviews don’t count as a separately drooled over cover, so that doesn’t exclude them from being part of the Cover Love at any given point either.


Goal #3 is something personal and exciting.  As some already know, I have decided to go Indie.  This road has been a long time coming, and is nearly over, so the blogs about my self publishing journey will be sporadic, on an “as I freak out” schedule.


Goal #4 is…random.  Like I might ramble on about being a huge Doctor Who fan.  Or what my playlist for my novel is.  Or why I like gaming.  Anything goes with these blogs, and none of it may make sense, like this paragraph. 


Okay, there are my blogging goals!  Now, which should I start with first…

                              …wait, does this post count as a Random?!?