Book Review Roulette: Wings of Arian by Devri Walls


Wings of Arian 

by Devri Walls

Note: I am reviewing my own Kindle copy that I bought.

Wings of Arian is a true Fantasy novel, one of breathtaking honesty that made me once again realize just why I am also a Fantasy writer.  It is set in a land ruled by peace and harmony and anything magical or evil is kept secret from all the people.  Blinded by this illusion of utter and eternal peace the King is not prepared for the fact that evil is awakening and to battle it magic must be sought and used.  An entire society of magical creatures has kept silent, waiting for the Solus to return to battle the evil.  The Solus is someone with amazing magical powers and by his side would be a Protector.  Together the two will drive off evil and return their world to peace.

Just one problem.  

The Solus is a young teenage girl, Kiora, and her Protector, Emane,  is a non-magical Prince.  Neither a female nor a non-magical Protector have ever held these roles and many are uncertain as to their success as they train for war.

Kiora is determined, but afraid of her abilities…she had always had them, even muffled by her and her family’s ignorance, and she blames herself for their deaths…deaths she had foreseen  in a vision, but her family had ignored.  She feels a depth of emotion, of empathy, for everyone that will hinder her ability to fully become who she was meant to be.  Without her Protector she will fall.

Emane is the son of the King and he has always had a blind and disdainful eye for magic. Now teamed up with a beautiful girl who is afraid to trust herself, and he himself unable to fully protect her without magic abilities…he must decide who he is and where is loyalty, and heart, lies quickly and put aside his differences with magic to save the girl who must save them all.

A host of magical beings guide them through their journeys to find their gifts and teach them to overcome their faults so that they may defeat the evil sorcerer, Dralazar for the final time.

Wings of Arian is not ashamed of being a Fantasy novel.  It asks no permission nor gives apologies for the beautiful settings, people, and creatures.  Dragons, Pegasuses (Pegasi?), wizards, magic spells, fallen faeries…the author does not beg you to believe in the story…but unashamedly weaves the tale as if it was all very very real.

Positive:  The true honest writing that does not apologize for being Fantasy.  The depth of the characters, magical and not, is astonishing and makes you cry, flinch, cheer, and swear out loud while joining them in their world.

Negative:  The only downside was almost technical.  There was an abrupt gap in the flow of the story at the very very beginning that felt like an entire chapter was deleted. I actually had to reread it several times to figure out how A got to B, but I moved on…the rest of the magnificent story was calling me.  

If you love Fantasy unashamedly, then you will adore this book.

Rating: 4.5 stars of 5  (if that odd plot/scene gap was fixed it would totally be a 5)


One response to “Book Review Roulette: Wings of Arian by Devri Walls

  1. I like that you say it’s not ashamed to be Fantasy. It seems like we often feel a need to justify our chosen genre (I personally tend to mention that I write in a modern voice, in case people think of an old-school Dungeons and Dragons-type tone). Fantasy is an amazing genre. There’s nothing to apologize for. 🙂

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