Update for The Unknown Sun

Hi all! Okay update time! I am done editing.


My genius of an editor was tough, but when I was able to stop my cheeks from burning in embarrassment over my horrid mistakes, my fingers flew over the keyboard and righted all that was wrong in the world of Skyfall.

So what is the next step?

Formatting for indie publication.  This means Smashwords/Amazon etc.  This also means I am staring at 100 plus pages of instructions on how to format for e-readers. Blankly staring. Drooling a little. *brain implodes*




I am either going to have to tackle that mountain of confusing instructions or have someone reliable do it for me, so this is why I am giving myself nearly a month to format this sucker and get it out to the world on May 1st. Hopefully.

Now, somewhere in there I will be unveiling my super secret awesome sauce cover too!  Squee! Keeping it a total secret has been sooooo hard!! The only people who’ve seen it are my artist and my hubby. That’s it. I’m all but peeing my pants with eagerness to show everyone how amazing my cover artist Victoria is (Whitandware.com).

So, keep your eyes peeled for that cover!  And feel free to hop over to my facebook author page at www.facebook.com/writezalot  and my twitter at @writezalot which may have quicker updates. At least…more random ones…



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