Book Review: Ill-Fated by Evelyn Ink




by Evelyn Ink

Note: I am reviewing my own Kindle copy that I bought.

Ill-Fated is a Fantasy novel in a classic sense. Magic, monsters, a quest and wild adventure run through this book to great effect.

Young Leila is the heir to the throne of Bainland and as such it is tradition the she undertake a quest to prove her worth for the throne. When it is decried that she journey toward the forbidden south in “search of something that must be returned” she despairs, but pulls on her big girl panties and does what she has to.

Sam is the young man who can’t remember yesterday. Lost and confused, but with a mind full of auspicious facts, he is in search for the cure to the curse that has robbed him of his long term memories. And memories of ten minutes ago. And tomorrows memories too.

Fate crosses the two young teens when he seeks a cure from the man who has enslaved Leila. Together, her sharp wit and his library of facts ensure their mutual quest is an adventure of the lifetime. They seek to fulfill Leila’s quest and restore Sam’s memory.

Despite their shortcomings they are the perfect team and what they find shocks not only them but me as a reader. I won’t give away anything, you have to read the book to find out!

Positive:  Leila and Sam trading sharp and witty dialog is the real draw of this book. Sarcastic and plain spoken, Leila thinks nothing of teasing Sam about being a half-wit, while Sam remembers nothing, and keeps teasing her about being a horse thief. As a team they are loyal to each other, even Sam who can’t remember her name half the time.

Negative:  The beginning was slow and thick to wade through. The ages of the main characters was a little…unnerving. They were roughly 14 and 15 and this book was not geared for the mentality of such young teens, though in the end it was very G rated. If the main characters had been older, about 17 or 18, they would have fit in better with the themes (slavery, dark magic, etc.) I honestly forgot most of the time that they were so young since their battle prowess, wit, and foresight was very mature.

Rating: 4.0 stars of 5


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