Book Review: A Dance of Cloaks by David Dalglish

A Dance of CloaksImage

by David Dalglish

Note: I am reviewing my own Kindle copy that I bought.

Summary: The young son of the leader of a thieves’ guild, Aaron has more blood on his hands at age 13 than most grown men. Striving to survive in a cold, cutthroat society that bends to his father’s cruel whims, the boy takes on a alternate persona just to keep himself sane. Kept isolated, his dreams and wants crushed, his will to survive, to raise himself above his tyrannical father, is tested when slowly but surely everything he loves is ripped away. Cunning and deadly, he leaves behind his old name, his ties to his father, and begins his own form of revolution.

I really really want to add more, but I really don’t want to spoil it for others!

Positive:  Aaron. Oh my god, he breaks my heart. The characterization, the emotion, the imagery, the action… *sniffs* Everything is masterfully written, deep, and engaging. The fight scenes are tight, fast, and heart pounding. Dialog is concise and no word is wasted. I love the title too xD

Negative:  This is a personal issue (a reason I could not read Game of Thrones), waaaay too many characters. After the first three chapters I gave up figuring who was who and why their stories mattered, though I still read each page and still agree with the positive elements I mentioned above. I focused on Aaron and his story and to be honest, the other non main characters and side plots could easily have been deleted and wouldn’t have made much of a difference.


Rating: 4.5 stars of 5


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