Book Review: The Riddle of Prague by Laura DeBruce

The Riddle of Prague            Image

by Laura DeBruce

Note: I am reviewing my own Kindle copy that I bought.

The Riddle of Prague is about a teen girl swept into an ancient intrigue while trying to claim her ancestral family home in Prague. She and an assortment of new friends search for an elixir that can save her mother.


Positive:  This book was very entertaining to read. It felt like a brilliant cross between a Dan Brown novel and a Nancy Drew novel. The intrigue was deep, the characters an interesting mix of friend and maybe foe. The mystery/thriller element was perfectly toned for a ya book. Pacing was excellent. Over all, very smart, exciting read.


Negative:  Some of the characters did not feel fully fleshed out or utilized. The main male friend, Alex, felt like more of a chauffeur than a true help to Hana. He could have been put to more use and have more of a direct input, since he too had something riding on the outcome. The pov switching every so often between the “mystery” bad guy felt forced and interrupted the flow.


Rating: 4.0 stars of 5


3 responses to “Book Review: The Riddle of Prague by Laura DeBruce

  1. Still a strong review! The title of this book intrigued me. Was there any romance in it or just the mystery/thriller aspect?

    • Hi Theresa! The romance was nearly a no show. Flirting, etc. but the danger and intrigue made real romance not an option for the characters. To be honest, it works that way too. If I’m dirty, running for my life, being betrayed etc…I’m not going to worry about how to get into xyz man’s pants xD It was a very good book. If you like scifi, I will be doing a review of a reeeeeely good ya/hard sci-fi tomorrow xD I’m trying to distract myself from my cover reveal nerves. xD

  2. Awesome!!! Definitely share that review for the scifi book. I haven’t read scifi in a while but I’m always looking for a good (and imaginative) read. Also I’m pretty sure we have the same tastes. 😉

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