Book Review: Wanderers Escape by Simon Goodson

Wanderers Escape Image

by Simon Goodson

Note: I am reviewing my own Kindle copy that I bought.

Wanderers Escape is about a boy and his spaceship. Jess instantly bonds with the mysterious ship he and two of his fellow slaves are checking for traps on. Wanderer, the ship, chooses Jess to be his captain and implants a way to communicate symbiotically. Using mind control, Jess can direct the very old, very advanced ship to do about anything. Instantly a mutual respect forms. Wanderer, Jess and his companions search the stars for other slaves to free, suffer betrayal, find love, loyalty, and companionship.

Positive:  This novel is a brilliant example of the perfect sci-fi/space opera. Hard edged, but soft hearted, the bond between the ancient ship, Wanderer, and Jess is beautiful. Jess is young, trusting, loyal, but quickly learns that it can be shoot first or be shot. He has to grow up fast to survive space pirates and a bitter betrayal, yet he never loses the human element many hard sci-fi novels forget when detailing metal ships and the cold darkness of space…fear and love. The pacing is perfect, I never once had to skip long winded, boring sections. The battles were vivid, heartbreaking, and very well done. All the characters were very well fleshed out, including Wanderer.


Negative:  It ended?


Rating: 5 stars of 5



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