Teaser Tuesday! Enjoy this excerpt from THE UNKNOWN SUN!


Bel’s grin fades into a thin line and I drop my eyes. I tug the hood of my cloak up and vanish into its shadows, letting the dancing embers blur.
“Moira, please—you can’t ask that of us,” Bel’s voice hitches on the last word, and the us becomes a me in my mind. “Our mother brought us together for a reason. We need you,”
I need you.
I shudder and listen to his heavy footsteps. He crosses the short distance in a heartbeat, so quickly that my breath jerks when he smoothes the hood away from my face with large, gentle hands. I look up, startled, into enigmatic eyes.
“I am nobody, Bel. I have nothing to offer, I have no knowledge, no wings, no—”
A flicker of heat, a curl of energy hums at the base of my throat, and I gasp and reach for the talisman. I pull it free from beneath the cloak. It flickers again, a thrum, like a pulse, in the confines of my shaking fingers. A hand lifts my chin and I meet Bel’s eyes in the darkness.
“You have more than you know, Moira.” Bel’s voice breaks on my name and I inhale at the raw pain tightening his beautiful face. His hand vanishes, but warm, gentle fingers trail down my cheeks, then are gone.
Belamar walks heavily to his place across the campfire, leaving me breathless and empty. Airi’s gaze has returned to the fire, her hand clenching the top of her bodice with white knuckles.
They—need me?


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