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Woo! Legit! (ish?)

Well, I have my first 1 star review. pstar


That means I’m legit, right? It’s a fair review, no bashing, so I’m cool. It all boiled down to personal opinion that the book wasn’t the reviewers style.

It just goes to show how each individual is so very unique. That our opinions/beliefs/understandings are completely subjective, while the rating system wants blanket objectivity.

When I choose books to buy, I look at the overall star rating, but I refuse to read reviews themselves. Everyone is different and reviews telling people that “xyz book sux, don’t buy it” just isn’t fair. So many people miss out on so many books that could be simply perfect for them, even if abc reviewer can’t stand it. angrylady

And yes, some critical reviews can be valid, fair, and honest. Those are the reviews authors can look at (overall) and see if there is a pattern that could be a valid issue…but I would definitely wait for a very large pool of reviews before looking for one.

Either way, as an Author and a reader/reviewer, I am not perfect. My book is not perfect. My reviews are not perfect…and I am 100% okay with being a mere mortal human being in that regard.100percent

As an author, I have to be thick skinned and follow Elsa’s lead…let it go. So I do and I applaud reviewers who are honest, but fair, and not unnecessarily cruel or pushy with their subjective opinions.elsa