Persona Poetry

My favorite flavor of poetry is what is called Persona Poetry. It’s essentially a first person form of poetry where the reader becomes the orator. Here is a favorite of mine I wrote years ago based on Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Enjoy!

A Shield Maiden I once Was


I am their lady, yet a pauper still
I wander among them, I see those empty eyes
A wraith among them, as weary as they are,
Above us the trumpets of war,
Reverberate among the caves
Resonant rumbles of horse clash with men and steel,
Darkness, damp and cold settles in the bones
I stumble now over withered man,
My golden robes tangle on bony limb,
I fumble for a skeletal hand,
For strength and patience, I beseech
I huddle at my people’s feet, I wince
At every wail the women moan
Above us in the open sky
Our sons, fathers, brothers,
Bleed in brutal agony and die upon the walls,
As arrows of the enemy pierce their very souls,
I long to be among them, I wish for my sword,
A shield maiden I once was, a princess now I am,
Of those weeping at my feet,
Silenced by the fear of death that comes so readily.
Above us now the sounds begin to fail,
How the battle goes I know not,
The darkness of the caves press in, as fires die at last,
A sudden roar, a resounding rumble, the cave shakes around us
I leap to my feet, my heart pounds, I feel the thunder
Of a thousand more men
The horn of Helm the Hammerhand is sounded,
Around me cries of victory, sobs of agony
The battle is not lost to us, our loved ones rally anew,
Spirits unbroken above, as I wander among my people
Whose eyes are no longer empty
And fingers clutch not in sorrow at my robes,
But grasp now with hope,
As the end of the battle above us unfolds.


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