9 Days

9 days until I do something I knew I had to do from day 1.

9 days until my novel republishes with critical revisions to scenes and characters for both clarity and plot.  It wasn’t as if I published before it was ready. I published when it was ready and when I was happy with the little words that could. If 20/20 were hindsight really existed, then I’d be tossing my contacts into the rubbish bin right now.


No, my book isn’t rubbish.  I love what I wrote, but what I wrote and then published, suffered from a  translation error.  The error being the inadequacy of the written word versus what exists in my mind. So you see, what I wrote and read in my published novel are just fine because I see/think/feel/hear/smell/taste/know everything about it already.  What was lost in translation was how the outside world would experience the same things…and possibly get a wholly inaccurate picture.  As much as I wish my writing is for everyone, it isn’t. My particular style, word choice, voice, is unique and perhaps only a handful of people can and will appreciate it. That’s okay, that goes with the job of being an author. I know I can’t make everyone happy and I won’t try.  What I will do however, is try to fix what I can to more align it with what I know about my story, to clarify.

So, 9 days left.  Are you ready?



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