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The Muse in Music

The Muse in Music.


The Muse in Music

Music is often a big part of being a writer and author. Music can inspire us and help the creative juices flow.  Some authors have to have silence to write in, others have to have death metal blasting from their headphones, some need music with catchy lyrics you find yourself singing out loud to and still other authors listen to songs that are calm, serene, or even mystical background music to blot out the real world.

I listen to music in the last category, especially a style of music called “Epica” or more familiarly “trailer music”, which is music made for movies, tv shows, games, and such. The creators of this style got smart when they realized just how powerfully popular their music became and began to release albums for the general public. That said, there are loads of music companies/composers etc. out there and all of them are brilliant.  I first found my favorite trailer music group, Two Steps from Hell on accident, and I never looked back. Even when I’m not writing, I am listening to this style of music. It is music for the soul.

What do you listen to? Why? Here is a sample of a favorite track of mine, so enjoy!