SALESALESALESALE….you get the picture right?

HEY EVERYONE!   WHO THINKS THIS KITTEH IS ADORABLE? I’ve heard over and over that kitteh pics on the internet are a surefire way of attracting people to things like blog posts, facebook feeds, etc, so I’m experimenting. Is it working???


Anyways,THE UNKNOWN SUN is on sale for .99 (usd) until the end of the month, maybe longer.  Enjoy!

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from THE UNKNOWN SUN:

It’s funny that though my sisters had never met, how similar they had been despite having different fathers. Red headed, fair skinned, freckled. Artistic.
Dead. ~Moira

Also how many of you listen to music while you write? Without music, I’m utterly useless! In fact, my favorite music of all time is a style called Epica (I made a post about this a few weeks back) and my super duper favorite artists are a studio group called Two Steps from Hell, run by Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen.  Check them out here:


But what is my  all time favorite song? What song MUST I listen to every time I write?  Well, most recently that answer changed! With the release of Thomas Bergersen’s album SUN, everything became right in the world!  Not only does his album mesh thematically with my novel, THE UNKNOWN SUN, but it’s as if the song itself, SUN, were written for it! Now, I’m not that delusional, I know it wasn’t, but….damn!!!  Listen to it here:


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