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Dark hits quickly, with the sunset sparing little time for us in the unending Ren-Held. We make camp quietly beside a pair of giant, charred rocks. Dinner is an unidentifiable creature with a long tail. I close my eyes and eat.

“Do you have any idea of where the journal is in the city?” I ask and swallow a still warm piece.

“The scrolls my father and I studied mentioned that the city had a temple at its center. He said Mother may have hid it there,” Airi replies. “But where in the temple, if it’s even there, we can’t be sure.”

“We head out at dawn, then. Hopefully Taegon will never know to look for us there. He will have learned about Moira and our escape by now.” Belamar shoots his sister a look that she returns steadily. I intercept their gazes and swallow. We finish eating in silence, our minds filled with grim things.


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