Work in progress Teaser Tuesday!

THE UNKNOWN SUN is still on sale for 99 cents here:

And please enjoy this teasery scene from wip book 2, Pillars of Light:


I answer before she can, “Echara knows things about the story in the journal and why I…we…were chosen. She called my life a story.”

“What kind of story?” He asks. His arm tightens around me protectively.

“Is this true?” Airi asks, her eyes flying between Echara and I.

“In a way,” Echara sighs and tips her face to the sun just creeping over the mountains. Her shoulders hunch inwards beneath her robe as if dreading what she has to say next. “We are all stories. I do not know the exact details, but what I do know is what happened to begin all of this and what I do not know how it will end.”

“All of this began? Our quest to free you?” Belamar’s arm tightens around me, flinches, his uneasiness making me more jumpy. I shift until I’m plastered against his side nearly completely, and his arm is the only thing holding my antsy feet to the ground. “Our mother? Why was she on Earth?”

Echara’s gaze sharpens, hones on the three of us.

“I do not know that Belamar. I may never know. What I do know is that she was there for Moira when Moira needed her and I can only imagine that Tanari had a plan that went far beyond our current understanding. No, what I speak of happened long ago, before we were gods.”



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