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This super rough draft/wip scene is from Part 2 of THE IMMORTALS! Part 1 launches 1/1! Giveaway ends 1/1!
Gabaran moved to stand between them and the approaching army.

“Go,” he barked. “Go now!”

“We can’t leave you,” Jadeth argued. Hot tears stung her eyes, blurring his large form.

“I’ll…I’ll be all right. Please…go.” He whispered, his voice barely carrying over the sounds battle growing steadily nearer. Stiff and unyielding, his back turned on his friends, Gabaran the Last Light Elf turned to study the enemy.

“Gabaran!” Emaranthe’s voice cut through the steady drumming of hooves and the grinding of wheeled cannons making their way up the slope.

He didn’t turn around.

“I believe you,” she said at last. “I believe what the Light Elves did!”

He twitched, his broad shoulders heaving with the power of a forceful inhale. Without turning around he knodded his head.

In one smooth move his unshouldered his great bow and threaded an arrow.


Killing your Characters

Nicholas C. Rossis

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksI was reading the other day a fascinating post, Killing the Mary-Sue, by Chiyome. As I am currently debating killing a character or two in my WIP, the fourth book of my epic fantasy series Pearseus, her musings made me wonder about the role death plays in our works.

Both Schism and Rise of the Prince (the two first Pearseus books) had their fair number of untimely death, culminating in a couple of (hopefully) unexpected ones. However, everyone said those deaths made perfect sense, and accepted them.

Mad Water, the third book, also seems to have a successful ending, even if the death toll is lower – leading a reviewer to comment that it was closer to a TV series, where characters manage to cheat death more often than not.

So, why am I agonizing about death in the fourth book of the series? Probably because death, even in fiction, is such a final thing. So…

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Taa daa! Here is the amazing cover done by Victoria at WhitandWare :



A thousand years ago the gods known as The Four created the Immortals to protect and defend their world against an invader known as the Dro-Aconi—and then vanished. Left to fend for themselves, the three races of Ein-Aral and the Immortals banded together to save the world.

This is the story of elite Immortals Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe and their quest to defeat the Dro-Aconi and find the missing gods. Time is running out. Can they prevent the destruction of their planet and the enslavement of all mortals?

Part One: Shadows and Starstone

Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe must protect a desert village and it’s hoard of Starstone, a power source that can aid the Dro-Aconi’s plans for the dominion over Ein-Aral. Can the companions battle inner demons long enough to defeat legions of enemies and keep their leader, Alarandia, from seizing the Starstone?

And here’s the giveaway! It runs from December 25th to January 1st! Enjoy!


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TEASER TUESDAY and Cover Reveal info!!

Enjoy this teaser from my upcoming novella, The Immortals! The book cover will be revealed on xmas day!

Emaranthe inhaled and closed her eyes. Weariness tugged on her mind and soul. So tired. She straightened her shoulders and turned to face the small group across the clearing. Green glittered in the darkness of Ivo’s helm and she knew that he watched her. She smiled slightly and inhaled again. She reached for the fire building inside her and lifted her staff aloft.
Flames licked up the staff, her arm, and down her body in a consuming cascade of heat. Inside the fiery shell her gaze burned in the gloom.
She slammed them shut and vanished.

Caveat Venditor—Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Rise of the Machines Human Authors in a Digital World, social media authors, Kristen Lamb, WANA, Rise of the Machines

All right, it’s about to be a brand new year and many of you are wanting to finally see your books published. ROCK ON! But, I am the friend who will tell you if there is toilet paper hanging out of your pants. Writing isn’t all glitter and unicorns and I want to warn you of the most common stumbling blocks, because I really DO want you to succeed.

When I began writing I was SO SURE agents would be fighting over my manuscript. Yeah. But after almost fourteen years in the industry, a lot of bloody noses, and even more lessons in humility, I hope that these tips will help you.

Self-publishing is AWESOME, and it’s a better fit for certain personalities and even content (um, social media?), but we must be educated before we publish. In fact, my last book Rise of the Machines (cover above) is much…

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Caveat Venditor—Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors

Caveat Venditor—Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors.