This super rough draft/wip scene is from Part 2 of THE IMMORTALS! Part 1 launches 1/1! Giveaway ends 1/1! http://is.gd/P410ad
Gabaran moved to stand between them and the approaching army.

“Go,” he barked. “Go now!”

“We can’t leave you,” Jadeth argued. Hot tears stung her eyes, blurring his large form.

“I’ll…I’ll be all right. Please…go.” He whispered, his voice barely carrying over the sounds battle growing steadily nearer. Stiff and unyielding, his back turned on his friends, Gabaran the Last Light Elf turned to study the enemy.

“Gabaran!” Emaranthe’s voice cut through the steady drumming of hooves and the grinding of wheeled cannons making their way up the slope.

He didn’t turn around.

“I believe you,” she said at last. “I believe what the Light Elves did!”

He twitched, his broad shoulders heaving with the power of a forceful inhale. Without turning around he knodded his head.

In one smooth move his unshouldered his great bow and threaded an arrow.


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