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Pssst. Guess who’s book is featured…….

Pssst.   Guess who’s book is featured on pg. 13! Pick up a copy of this magazine and see! The Unknown Sun goes on sale 2/1 for 99c usd for 1 week only on Amazon, Smashwords, and Google play! Amazon:


1st Great Review on Amazon (America, there are some on Goodreads and Amazon UK)!!

THE IMMORTALS part 1 has received it’s first American Amazon review! (there are some on UK and on goodreads!) This is a great review!

“…an excellent, complete, yet brief ride through myth, magic and fantasy. She has managed to mold her characters into flesh and blood while ramping up the suspense and action with great dialogue and scenes. I could picture heroes quietly arriving, with a mission in mind, all for the glory of good. My only complaint? I could have kept reading about these heroes for hours more, thanks to Ms. Mackey’s way with words. ”

THE IMMORTALS can be found  at amazon here:


Teaser Tuesday!!

Teaser Tuesday! Here’s another small snippet from part 2 of The Immortals:

“I walked the world in search of myself and instead found myth, legend, and lore,” she whispered. “I was lost until I found you.” She leaned on the staff, her gloved fingers gripping the stout weapon until the wood creaked beneath her strength.
Ivo grimaced at the hollow sadness coloring her voice.

I can conquer the world…

With the right music playing I can conquer the world. I am a good writer. I can do this. Music makes me brave. Music frees my soul and lets me be me. *cracks knuckles* okay wip, it’s on! Want my playlist for The Immortals bk 2?

1. One More Time by R. Armando Morabito  :

2. Anarya by R. Armando Morabito:

3. Sun by Thomas Bergersen (also on my The Unknown Sun soundtrack!):

4. Empire of Angels by Thomas Bergersen:

Got a great review on Goodreads!

Got a great review on Goodreads!

“…”The Immortals” is a homerun in the creativity department. Taking worldbuilding that rivals more seasoned authors, and combining it with both familiar and unseen fantasy elements show a young author stretching her wings.” Z.T.

Huge thanks to those who have reviewed either or both of my books! Please everyone, remember that reviews are a great help to all authors, and it’s even better when reviews are posted on  multiple platforms (Amazon/goodreads/etc.)

You can find THE IMMORTALS on goodreads here.

It’s currently available at Amazon, GooglePlay, and Smashwords.


Book Review: Ferran’s Map by TL Shreffler

Positive: Ferran’s Map does not disappoint. Smoothly written, quick, and clever, the story spirals around the main characters in an increasingly deeper web of intrigue. I won’t give spoilery details, but here is a short burst of gut feeling about this amazing book, sans plot details: Sora and Crash must test themselves…are they still the assassin and the upper class socialite after all this time? Or have they become something more, not only to themselves, but to each other? We follow Ferran and Lori to the edges of fear and regret, and back again as they too test themselves. Caprion and Krait are a held breath, full of excitement and expectation.

Negative: There are very few sticking points, but as I said, this book was magnificent. Only little things popped out at me after I pondered for a few days and instead of being necessarily negative, they are…uncertainties. The Grandmaster does not make much of an impact on the characters directly, almost everything is left for his assassins to do for him. I am still unsure of just how to categorize him as the main villain. He’s a little too hands off. I also felt that the hugely important map, after which the book is titled, was a bit of a slow go, and in the end I couldn’t connect it’s actual importance with the vast majority of the plot. I won’t go into spoilery detail, but like I said…uncertainties.

Conclusion: A witty, deep, and moving book that is a surefire step in the right direction for this series. Personally, I truly enjoy this entire series and would love to keep reading more, more, and more!

5 stars!

Ferran cover

Update on the Greystone Series

Taylor Longford

I took today off to write and now have 50,000 words on Force’s story! The book is almost roughed out; I just need to spend a little more time on the Epilogue. Then I need to polish the entire thing. But I’m getting closer to being finished. Sorry it’s taking so long!

Here’s a snippet:

“So are you going back tomorrow?” I asked cautiously, probably holding my breath again and hoping his answer didn’t disappoint me.

“Absolutely,” he said.

“Absolutely?” I echoed, pleased but curious. Elated actually. He wanted to keep his job! “Why…absolutely?”

“Because they fed me,” he said.

I couldn’t help but smile. Guys are so simple sometimes. “What did they feed you?”

“I don’t know,” he answered. “But it was good and there was lots of it. My stomach is full for the first time in ages.”

“So Mama has made a friend in you?” I suggested…

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