Woo! So much editing/revising going on over here! Still focusing on the prequel novellas for now. Bk 2 of THE UNKNOWN SUN is in a holding pattern. Since it’s almost Tuesday, how about a (rough draft) teaser from THE IMMORTALS Part Two (Shhhh secrety name goes here) ?

He stared at the nearly illegible writing for a long moment before glancing up. Emaranthe was leaning close and he found himself nose to nose with her. For a long moment he forgot what he was going to say as he hesitated, studying her.

She had freckles on her nose.

He inhaled, struggling to force away the ache building in his chest.  Wide golden brown eyes studied him back, waiting for his input on the map. He swallowed and forced himself to look back down.
“I think it says Iron Bone Outpost.” Ivo grunted.  He sat up and let Jadeth and Jaeger lean in to see.  Green eyes flickered with despair as they returned to Emaranthe. Somehow the freckles made her even more beautiful. Freckles that he hadn’t noticed in a hundred years of companionship.


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