Teaser Tuesday! Since I actually remembered before hand, here you go, from  super rough draft of wip part 2 of The Immortals: (btw fb formatting stinks!)

“Emaranthe! What?” Jadeth lunged for the tiny Mage, but Jaeger held her back. Ice blue eyes clashed with sapphire.  Dread clashed with hope.

The dirty cloud of air around Emaranthe burst into flame. Fire licked at the sky, swirled, hovered, then surrounded her. The abrupt glow stabbed a sharp pang of unease into Ivo’s chest as he watch the fiery shield slam into the howling wall of wind.

The fire didn’t give, but neither did the wind. It screamed, it scoured. Emaranthe staggered against its strength and fell to her knees. Ivo’s throat closed as her gloved hand, still shielded by fire, reached out…

You can check out THE IMMORTALS Part One, here: http://geni.us/TIpt1



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