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Leonard Nimoy’s Final Tweet Will Make You Cry


Leonard Nimoy, who won over an obsessive fan-base with his logical, pointy-eared Mr. Spock on Star Trek, died on Feb. 27. He was 83.

His final tweet from Monday was exceptionally poignant:

Nimoy signed all his tweets “LLAP” or “Live Long and Prosper,” his character’s catchphrase from the Star Trek series and films.

Nimoy had announced via Twitter last year that he had been diagnosed with COPD, a chronic respiratory disease caused by smoking that has no cure. He encouraged his followers to stop smoking.

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Hi All! Here is a super rough and unedited deleted scene from THE UNKNOWN SUN, which is available here. I’d wanted to do some more backstory on the main character, Moira, but this scene was cut early on. What do you think? Should I have left it? If you’ve read my book, should this replace the current backstory/beginning?

The stem of the pink rose bent between my clenched fingers before I realized that I was holding it too tight. I hadn’t felt the thorns prick my palm. I ignored the dots of blood as I draped it over the curved top of the cold gray marble stone. My eyes closed as I let my forehead drop forward to rest on the gritty edge.

I inhaled deeply and listened to the tree branches sway in the cool fall breeze. It was cloudy and the wind was fretful. Storm coming, I thought, as I listened to the dry leaves scatter along the ground.

The afternoon wore on and no one disturbed me as I sat curled up beside the plain marble headstone. The cemetery was small and not connected to a particular church, perfect for Mom and Dawn. I couldn’t visit Daddy and Meghan. Their graves were in another country, from another lifetime that hurt to remember.

I climbed to my feet. Time to go if I was to make my stepfather dinner and if I didn’t make it back in time, there would be hell to pay. I turned away, and my dark blonde hair hid my face as I swiped tears from my cheeks.

I followed the narrow dirt trail that wound between the rows of headstones. The great oak tree at the center of cemetery creaked as its branches swayed in the stiff wind but I didn’t hear the leaves rattle and sigh, nor notice the thick grass that bent beneath my shoes. It was a long walk back home. Thunderheads roiled, grim and gray in the distance, mirroring my feelings to a T. It would rain soon, perhaps.


Fifty Books for Less Than a Buck



My Throwback Thursdays have a theme, old cheesy 80’s sci fi/fantasy movies. Movies my kids had never heard of and movies I adored as a child. Thankfully most of these movies are appropriate (the 80’s were pretty iffy sometimes though!) so every week I will sit down with my boys and watch an oldie but goodie and see what they think of the movies I watched when I was their age!

This week’s Throwback Thursday movie is: WILLOW!


Willow was a great fan favorite of the late 80’s and it surprised me when my boys and I watched it together last week. I’d actually forgotten a few key things like it was a Ron Howard film, it was written by George Lucas, Warwick Davis also acted in Star Wars, and Val Kilmer married Joanne Whalley. There are loads of other minutia trivia about the movie, but I’ll save those for later.

So, what in the world is WILLOW about? Well, to make a long blurb short, it’s about a would be sorcerer with no self esteem and his quest to protect the savior (?) of his world from an evil queen. I know that sounds like fairly generic fantasy slog, but it’s how the movie goes about it that brings out the charm and fun.

Oh, and charming it was and still is.

As soon as the movie started my boys were hooked. I was also hooked, I hadn’t seen it in decades, and I’d honestly forgotten the smaller details and was able to watch it was an open mind not too predisposed to what I remembered from childhood. I’m glad I did, because let’s be honest, the special effects were atrocious. Cringe-worthy atrocious.

Funny thing is, neither of my boys even noticed how bad they were, they were that enamored WITH THE STORY. Not just the considerably silly and fun action, but they were invested in saving Elora Danan and seeing Willow Ufgood become the sorcerer he was meant to be. They were thrilled that Madmartigan and Sorsha didn’t end up as evil losers. The Brownies with the weird french accents had them howling with laughter.

And don’t get me started about the scenes with Madmartigan dressed in drag. I choked on my popcorn (I’d honestly forgotten about that part) and both boys were on the floor literally rolling and shrieking.

When it was over and the boys were able to breathe again, I asked them what they thought:

Me: Did you like it?

Older son: That was waaay funnier than The Never Ending Story was. I liked it better I think.

Me: Why?

Older son: There was more funny action. And more sword fighting. And magic.

Younger son: The guy with the long hair dressed like a girl! That was funny.

Me: Madmartigan?

Younger son: Yeah, that’s what I said. The guy with the long hair.

Me: …

Older son: My favorite part was when they rode a sled down a snow mountain. I want to try that.


As for myself, I actually really did enjoy rewatching WILLOW. It actually stood up to the test of time far better than I expected (actually better than The Neverending Story did) and as long as I don’t look too closely at the special effects (or character depth) then this movie is still a gem among jewels of the 80’s fantasy/sci fi movies. I really recommend sitting down for a family night and watching it with your kids (or by yourself, ‘cause that’s fine too!).

Teaser Tuesday!!

Hi guys! The next few Teaser Tuesdays are going to be sketchy! I’ve got serious plot secrets threaded through what I’m currently working on, so I can’t give my own spoilers, can I??? Here’s a snippet (rough draft remember) that both ends an important part and begins one! Since I can’t really continue with this particular teaser or risk huge spoilers, why don’t you tell me in the comments what you think happens next (please remain civil and remember this is meant for a YA audience). Enjoy!!

“I was just remembering how we first met,” she said over a piercing screech of sand and metal. “That was a fateful day.”

“It was,” he said. “It’s funny how fate works isn’t it?”

Silver eyes gleamed from beneath the bundle of cloth, pinpricks of curiosity. And annoyance.

“Well, either tell the tale or shut up.” ******* grumbled. (Shhh! Secret!)

Emaranthe smiled and turned to find Ivo studying her, his gaze solemn.

“I can’t believe you haven’t told me after all these years,” Jadeth pouted at Emaranthe. She twisted the tail of a scarlet braid in her fingers.

Ivo chuckled, “It all began with a bet…”

Do people still want and use bookmarks?

*I’m asking this over a wide range of pages to get some good input*

I’ve lately wondered how effective bookmarks are for swag and such. Most people I know read digitally now. Now, my kids don’t and they end up with bookmarks I’ve received as swag (yes, I’ve hidden the ones not G rated xP. Can you imagine THAT conversation with 2 boys?!)

Do people still want and use bookmarks? If you get bookmarks printed, who do you use and why? I’m all ears!

My brain is out to get me

My brain is out to get me.

It came up with a book concept, with great detail, while I was dreaming. And I remembered it all when i woke and HAD to write it down. This book neeeeeds writing, but I am swamped already and this book would need a lot of time and research first. It has to take a number, but oh my god. Title, characters, plot, setting, you name it all in one pretty lucid dream.

Anyone else get ideas like this?!? Or am I bananas?!