Teaser Tuesday!!

Hi guys! The next few Teaser Tuesdays are going to be sketchy! I’ve got serious plot secrets threaded through what I’m currently working on, so I can’t give my own spoilers, can I??? Here’s a snippet (rough draft remember) that both ends an important part and begins one! Since I can’t really continue with this particular teaser or risk huge spoilers, why don’t you tell me in the comments what you think happens next (please remain civil and remember this is meant for a YA audience). Enjoy!!

“I was just remembering how we first met,” she said over a piercing screech of sand and metal. “That was a fateful day.”

“It was,” he said. “It’s funny how fate works isn’t it?”

Silver eyes gleamed from beneath the bundle of cloth, pinpricks of curiosity. And annoyance.

“Well, either tell the tale or shut up.” ******* grumbled. (Shhh! Secret!)

Emaranthe smiled and turned to find Ivo studying her, his gaze solemn.

“I can’t believe you haven’t told me after all these years,” Jadeth pouted at Emaranthe. She twisted the tail of a scarlet braid in her fingers.

Ivo chuckled, “It all began with a bet…”


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