Hi All! Here is a super rough and unedited deleted scene from THE UNKNOWN SUN, which is available here. I’d wanted to do some more backstory on the main character, Moira, but this scene was cut early on. What do you think? Should I have left it? If you’ve read my book, should this replace the current backstory/beginning?

The stem of the pink rose bent between my clenched fingers before I realized that I was holding it too tight. I hadn’t felt the thorns prick my palm. I ignored the dots of blood as I draped it over the curved top of the cold gray marble stone. My eyes closed as I let my forehead drop forward to rest on the gritty edge.

I inhaled deeply and listened to the tree branches sway in the cool fall breeze. It was cloudy and the wind was fretful. Storm coming, I thought, as I listened to the dry leaves scatter along the ground.

The afternoon wore on and no one disturbed me as I sat curled up beside the plain marble headstone. The cemetery was small and not connected to a particular church, perfect for Mom and Dawn. I couldn’t visit Daddy and Meghan. Their graves were in another country, from another lifetime that hurt to remember.

I climbed to my feet. Time to go if I was to make my stepfather dinner and if I didn’t make it back in time, there would be hell to pay. I turned away, and my dark blonde hair hid my face as I swiped tears from my cheeks.

I followed the narrow dirt trail that wound between the rows of headstones. The great oak tree at the center of cemetery creaked as its branches swayed in the stiff wind but I didn’t hear the leaves rattle and sigh, nor notice the thick grass that bent beneath my shoes. It was a long walk back home. Thunderheads roiled, grim and gray in the distance, mirroring my feelings to a T. It would rain soon, perhaps.



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