Teaser Tuesday!!

Hi guys! The next few Teaser Tuesdays are going to be sketchy! I’ve got serious plot secrets threaded through what I’m currently working on, so I can’t give my own spoilers, can I??? Here’s a snippet (rough draft remember) that both ends an important part and begins one! Since I can’t really continue with this particular teaser or risk huge spoilers, why don’t you tell me in the comments what you think happens next (please remain civil and remember this is meant for a YA audience). Enjoy!!

“I was just remembering how we first met,” she said over a piercing screech of sand and metal. “That was a fateful day.”

“It was,” he said. “It’s funny how fate works isn’t it?”

Silver eyes gleamed from beneath the bundle of cloth, pinpricks of curiosity. And annoyance.

“Well, either tell the tale or shut up.” ******* grumbled. (Shhh! Secret!)

Emaranthe smiled and turned to find Ivo studying her, his gaze solemn.

“I can’t believe you haven’t told me after all these years,” Jadeth pouted at Emaranthe. She twisted the tail of a scarlet braid in her fingers.

Ivo chuckled, “It all began with a bet…”


Do people still want and use bookmarks?

*I’m asking this over a wide range of pages to get some good input*

I’ve lately wondered how effective bookmarks are for swag and such. Most people I know read digitally now. Now, my kids don’t and they end up with bookmarks I’ve received as swag (yes, I’ve hidden the ones not G rated xP. Can you imagine THAT conversation with 2 boys?!)

Do people still want and use bookmarks? If you get bookmarks printed, who do you use and why? I’m all ears!

My brain is out to get me

My brain is out to get me.

It came up with a book concept, with great detail, while I was dreaming. And I remembered it all when i woke and HAD to write it down. This book neeeeeds writing, but I am swamped already and this book would need a lot of time and research first. It has to take a number, but oh my god. Title, characters, plot, setting, you name it all in one pretty lucid dream.

Anyone else get ideas like this?!? Or am I bananas?!


Throw Back Thursday Movie Version!

A few weeks ago I sat down with my two sons (ages 9 and 13) and showed them their first cheesy-but-awesome-classic 80’s fantasy movie. Their reactions were an interesting mix of the expected and unexpected, and I felt suddenly very old. I watched the movie with new eyes. Older eyes. And something dawned on me.

It was cheesy, but it was still awesome.

The storytelling and imagination of the 80’s is unparalleled in today’s movies. Today few movies encourage children to use their imaginations, to seek alien worlds in a decrepit  theme park ride cart, or the meta thought of a boy reading a book, about a boy reading a book and saving a world…that was being read about by the boy reading the book. Or…something like that.

The movie we watched together was indeed, The Never Ending Story, and a movie I watched so many times as a kid that I actually broke the VCR while trying to play it over and over. You know, the rewind the tape, push play, watch, rewind, play, watch dance of children everywhere? Yeah, the tape snapped and caught in the VCR and actually caught fire. Don’t ask.


My boys’ reactions were an interesting mix of fascination and disgust. The story and characters, always strong points in this movie, were top notch according to them. The special effects, not so much.

Older son: “Wow that CG is bad.”

Me: “That’s not CG. They didn’t use computers for that stuff back then.”

Older son: “Ew. What did they use, crayons?”

Me: “Umm….”

Seriously, I had to explain how humans of the 80’s existed without CG. And what VCR’s were. And why people would feed plastic rectangles full of ribbons into a machine so that it could be eaten and catch fire……

Younger son: “Why didn’t they just download it?”

Me: “We didn’t have anything digital back then. We really barely had tv remotes.”

Younger son: “How the heck did you change channels on tv?!”

Me: “We used our hands and turned knobs.”

Younger son: “What’s a knob? Is that the same as a Noob?”

Me: …..

After the movie ended, they sat there for a long moment, eyes glazed, which is when we had the previous conversation. I felt old listening to them discuss the lack of high quality graphics, but my heart warmed when they began to discuss how cool the flying dog dragon thingy was (Falcor) and that they wished they could go to Fantasia.

Yep. My work here is done.

As for me, the obviously dated CG did kick me out of the magic of the movie and reminded me of my age. It did not however, tarnish the movie, and it still is a favorite movie of mine. I can’t wait to show my sons yet another cheesy-but-awesome-classic 80’s fantasy movie.  In fact, my goal is to sit down once a week with my sons and watch one!

Teaser Tuesday!

Enjoy this rough wip excerpt from part 2 of THE IMMORTALS! (sorry about the fb formatting xP)

“Why did you step in front of my sword,” Ivo whispered. “I could have killed you.”
The lines at the corners of his eyes deepened, and his full mouth twisted in despair.
“You wouldn’t have. You didn’t.” Emaranthe smiled broadly, but her lips trembled and somewhere in her chest something ached. “I trust you.”
“You shouldn’t.” Ivo growled. He spun on his heel and strode away, his boots clanking against the cold, unfeeling iron. He vanished down the staircase in the dark.
“Ivo?” Emaranthe cried out, aghast. “Wait!”

Exciting weekend!

2 exciting things happened this weekend! First, wrote, edited, revised, a ton in part 2 of The Immortals.I’m super eager to get this little puppy out in the wild. It’s still a work in progress, because a lot of revisions/edits are needed still, but I am really happy.

Second, I rewarded myself for succeeding (in my estimation) at fulfilling my dream of becoming a published author and bought myself a new car! Ok, so it’s also my valentines, birthday, and 15th anniversary gift from my husband, but yeah!!!


Another brilliant review of THE UNKNOWN SUN!!!

 Another brilliant review of THE UNKNOWN SUN!!!

“…a world filled with history and detail that is so vivid, it becomes alive in itself. There is tension, insecurity, battles and personal trials to overcome, but never once did I lose sight of the plot or the mission. Knowing how to bring reality to fantasy is a gift that Cheryl Mackey displays to great effect, from the simple day to day actions to the great build up at the end. Wonderfully written, well-paced and intriguing, there is never a dull moment or snag in her words as she invites us to use our imaginations to gain entrance into Skyfall’s world.”